Nagel  Klein

American Painter in Casein

Casein is an ancient paint that uses the protein of milk to bind particles of color.  Having painted for many years in watercolor and oils, I've settled on casein for its immediacy, timelessness, and environmental safety.  For me, it's the perfect conduit with which to express my feelings about the home, nature and relationships.

I work primarily from life - preferring to work alla prima - or all-in-one session - if I can.  Sometimes I'll come back the next day to tweak a small detail, however, I try to keep those changes to a minimum.  When considering finish versus freshness, I seek a balance.  I love the work of the Impressionists and try to emulate their approach to color and visible brush strokes within the realm of representation.  I also love to paint outdoors, and did so year-round when I painted in oils.  However, since casein is a water media and freezes, I save outdoor painting for spring, summer and fall - equally beautiful seasons within which to paint here in Minnesota.

©2018  Nagel Klein

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