Nagel  Klein

American Painter in Casein

Casein is an ancient paint that uses the protein of milk to bind particles of color.  Having painted for many years in watercolor and oils, I've settled on casein for its immediacy, timelessness, and environmental safety.  For me, it's the perfect conduit with which to express my feelings and to connect with the viewer.

My recent paintings speak to the home.  They focus both within and without – depicting scenes and objects found under one’s roof – and in the open air – but never far from the hearth.  I grew up in Wisconsin and have made Minnesota my home now for two decades.  Living and working in Minnetonka, I am continually surrounded by its beauty and nature.  Within my environs, I seek out quiet, contemplative moments for my paintings.  For this work I also use a vibrant palette with a liberal amount of pink – a color that evokes the joy, warmth and playfulness of personal space.

©2020  Nagel Klein

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